Is it too Difficult for Rich Older Women to Find Love

It is said that compared with other singles, rich older women have more difficulties when it comes to looking for love. Reasons include:

Rich Senior Dating

Now let's have a look at the graph below:


In this graph, it is clear that the richest men can choose any rich woman or poor woman in terms of socioeconomic background. If they choose poor women, usually these women are young and attractive. In other words, relationships are about value exchange, thus as long as equal value can be exchanged, it should work.

However, most of the time, the richest women only want to date the richest men. Therefore, it's harder for them to meet enough men that they are interested in. Usually, older women have more money than younger women, hence the dilemma. No wonder senior dating isn't easy for some older women.

But does senior dating have to be difficult for rich older women?

The answer is no. Here is why:

Therefore, we can see that dating for seniors shouldn't be stressful if you are rich. Now you can try some dating sites for seniors and you don't have to worry too much!

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